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Pencil is a powerful static documentation website generator that works on Markdown. Main features of Pencil include:

Start by following the quick start guide

Pencil allows you to write content in Markdown, which has a very powerful and easy to learn markup syntax. You can quickly start creating your website without much code.

Pencil will automatically create the required files for your website, which are ready to be deployed to services like Netlify, GitHub Pages.

Pencil was built with a goal to provide the most out of the box. It comes with useful plugins that would enhance your content to the next level.

Pencil generates completely static content, which means they can be easily hosted on shared hosting, without you having to invest in a powerful server.

Plugins help you extend the functionality of Pencil. Features such as YouTube player embed, Callouts, etc. are made possible using the plugins.
They can also be used like simple components, which can be easily created and reused in different parts of your markdown file.

Customize the colors, styles of your site. Just include your CSS files in the Pencil config file, and it will be given more priority over the default styles.